The Polly Project is merging with the Priscilla Project. The Priscilla Project now serves socially isolated, at-risk pregnant women of any background.

The Priscilla Project works to achieve healthy birth outcomes by empowering socially isolated, at-risk women as they go through the process of pregnancy, labor, and delivery in the United States. Volunteer mentors and on-staff doulas work with refugee and immigrant women, as well as native-born American women to reach a healthy birth weight for their babies (5.5 lbs or larger) and have a full-term pregnancy.


Women in the program receive education in their own language and develop a birth plan with a doula. Doulas are able to advocate for clients based on their individual wishes. Priscilla Project clients also attend mentor/mentee events, where they learn about other services available to them in Buffalo.


Services provided by the Priscilla Project

  • Assessment by a community health worker
  • Education on prenatal nutrition and baby care, doula services, and birth plan development in native language
  • Referrals to donations centers for clothing and baby supplies
  • Social outings and support events
  • Opportunity to be matched with a volunteer mentor
  • Breastfeeding support and weekly Baby Cafe
  • Opportunity to be enrolled in Parents as Teachers program, which provides support up to age 2
  • In-house interpretation services