The Priscilla Project of Buffalo (PPB) serves low-income, pregnant refugee women. The mothers we serve are at-risk of experiencing birth complications; as they have little or no knowledge of the American healthcare system and most have language or cultural barriers to accessing prenatal care.

PPB matches mothers-to-be that are high-risk with a volunteer mentor. Our mentors are paired with refugee mothers-to-be as early in the pregnancy as possible. They provide friendship, education, and assistance with pre-natal appointments and getting appropriate baby supplies. Mentorship provides critical social support to these culturally isolated women.

In addition, all PPB moms are provided with doula services, educational classes and referrals. Culturally-matched doulas provide physical, emotional and informational support to refugee mothers, assist them in creating an individual birth plan, and provide interpretation services at the hospital during labor and childbirth. After birth, our doulas provide home visits for breastfeeding support.

PPB takes great pride in our services and that we help moms to be healthier, have healthier (hopefully full-term) babies and assist in them having good  birth experiences in our country.