Why Nepal?

Jericho Road’s global health strategy is to bring quality medical care to severely underserved areas of the world where many of our staff and patients lived before coming to Buffalo (and where their families and neighbors still live). In Buffalo, Jericho Road serves a large number of Nepali patients and clients and employs Nepali staff members. One of these staff members, Pastor Purna Tamang, first began advocating to bring Jericho Road to Nepal in 2013. After the terrible earthquake in 2015, he and his wife led a humanitarian team to one of the most affected areas, which is where Jericho Road is now exploring opportunities for a medical clinic.


Jericho Road in Nepal - so far

In February 2017 a team of Jericho Road employees traveled to Sinduhpalchok District, located 125 kilometers northeast of Kathmandu in the foothills of the Himalayas. This region was devastated by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that hit in 2015 and wreaked havoc on an already under-resourced area. During the trip, the team focused their efforts in Hagam, a chain of 10 settlements that are dotted over the foothills and accessible only by dirt road or, in some cases, only by hiking. Over the course of a few days, the team set up a small base in Hagam 1, located at the highest elevation of the 10 settlements (7,000 feet). Over 300 villagers from Hagam 1-5 were able to attend the makeshift clinic and receive medical care during this first trip.


Upcoming exploratory trip - March 2018

A team of Jericho Road employees will be traveling back to Hagam in March 2018 and setting up camp at the mid-point of the settlements. This will help ensure that patients from every settlement will be able to access the temporary clinic. Some staff members will also facilitate a mobile medical clinic to provide care for those who are unable to travel outside their own villages.


During this trip, Jericho Road team members will be connecting with members of the Nepali government, international aid organizations, local health officials, and local community members to further define community needs and explore options for bringing a Jericho Road clinic to Nepal permanently.


Future Plans

Jericho Road's presence in Nepal is currently in the evaluation stage. As such, future plans are not concrete at the current time. Projects will be detailed here as they develop.

Want to support Jericho Road in Nepal?

There are a few ways you can support Jericho Road’s work in Nepal.


Gift by Credit Card, Debit Card, or Direct Debit

1. Contribute to help defray travel expenses for one of our exploratory team members here. Please select Employee Trip Fund for Nepal from the designation drop down menu and write the name of the team member you’d like to support in the comment box.


2. Contribute to the overall trip fund to help cover the cost of supplies, medicine, and transportation/food/lodging costs for our in-country partners who will be assisting us on this trip. Contributions can be made here. Please select General Nepal Fund from the designation drop down menu.


Gift by Check

Checks can be made out to Jericho Road Community Health Center with Nepal 2018 in the memo line. If you are supporting a particular team member's trip, please include their name in the memo line, as well. Checks can be mailed to:


Jericho Road Community Health Center

Attn: Nepal 2018

184 Barton Street

Buffalo, NY 14213