About the Clinic

Jericho Road's Wellness Clinic at New Hope Center seeks to improve healthcare for the most vulnerable individuals in Goma, especially orphans, traumatized children, and widows and their children, who would otherwise have no access to primary care. Prior to the opening of our Wellness Clinic, they had been living with illness and injury, further complicating their suffering.

The clinic includes:

  • Two consultation rooms
  • Surgical procedure room
  • Birthing and maternity ward
  • Pharmacy
  • Laboratory
  • Pediatric Ward and an Adult Ward
  • Health Education & Training Center
  • A kitchen and cafeteria 


In addition to primary health care, the Wellness Clinic also provides prenatal and maternity care, health education, spiritual care and family planning services. Jericho Road will also work very closely with New Hope Center in providing holistic care to our orphaned patients.


In the future, as funding becomes available, we plan to expand our medical services to include basic surgeries, including C-sections, hernia repairs, and appendectomies.