Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo

The history of DRC is complex, filled with warfare, economic instability, and corruption. Many of the children have been born into violence and do not know their parents, others flee their communities and remain internally displaced. Jericho Road recognizes what a concerning stressor this has been on the Congolese, and is confident that providing quality healthcare for the underserved in Goma is a critical step towards improving this community. 


Jericho Road hopes to have a positive impact on the next chapter of DRC’s history.  This chapter will include a better quality of life for the most vulnerable people of Goma (mainly orphans & widows and their children) by providing essential primary healthcare to them, thus alleviating the stress of untreated illness or injury and offering an opportunity to live healthier, safer lives.  

Jericho Road trusts that with God’s help, we can assist efforts to transform the tumultuous landscape of the country.


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