Our Mission

Jericho Road Community Health Center provides a culturally sensitive medical home, especially for refugee and low-income community members, facilitating wellness and self-sufficiency by addressing health, education, economic and spiritual barriers in order to demonstrate Jesus’ unconditional love for the whole person.

Our History

In 1997, Dr. Myron and Joyce Glick opened the doors of Jericho Road Family Practice (JRFP) at 184 Barton Street on Buffalo’s West Side, to provide excellent medical care to all who came, regardless of ability to pay. In addition to serving patients from Buffalo, JRFP began caring for a large number of refugees, many who had never seen a doctor or received proper medical care before coming to America.

The Glicks recognized the connection between physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Providing excellent medical care was not enough, but a medical practice with limited resources could not do any more. So, as an expansion to the heart behind medical services, Jericho Road Ministries (JRM) was born. Founded in 2003, the ministry sought to demonstrate God’s compassion for every person by fighting poverty at its roots, coming alongside JRFP to address the non-medical needs of the community. JRM developed a wide spectrum of programming, from mentoring pregnant refugee mothers, helping clients navigate Social Services, and providing interpretation support.

In July of 2009, JRM merged with Hope Refugee Services, which strengthened both agencies and further expanded essential services. Then the Board of JRM voted to unite with JRFP, to serve the community more holistically and more sustainably, together, as a 501(c)3 Community Health Center. In September 2013, we officially merged!

A few months later, Jericho Road received designation as a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Community Health Centers have served as our nation's healthcare safety net for the past 45 years, providing comprehensive, culturally competent, quality primary healthcare services to vulnerable populations. This FQHC designation has allowed us to further expand our services and provide more integrated, comprehensive care to over 12,000 patients across the City of Buffalo.

Our Core Values

Helping restore faith and hope, 
we strive to foster in ourselves and in our clients:

Dignity: We uphold a mutual respect of each person's intrinsic value. 
Sustainability: We build upon the assets and resources of the community, in order to faciliate self-sufficiency.
Participation: We maintain a constant dialogue with our community in an effort to improve our services. 
Integrity: We seek to be honest, accountable and transparent in all practices and interactions.
Sensitivity: We, in humility, esteem each person's culture and individuality.
Holism: We engage numerous strategies to address the multi-faceted nature of poverty.
Justice: We advocate for society's most vulnerable members in all forums.
Compassion: We maintain a deep care for the hurting in our community.